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Topic subjectCavs should be losing by 20, but GSW shooting like poop
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2754792, Cavs should be losing by 20, but GSW shooting like poop
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun Jan-09-22 09:50 PM
they probably will rectify that in the 2nd half.

The Cavs are however, shooting like diarrhea-fied shit as a whole. Lauri might need to sit down and let Drippy Dean take some of those minutes.

They are also rebounding like triceratops shit like you saw piled up in Jurassic Park. Ain't no way Lionel Richie should be getting his own miss at the foul line for a 4 point play. No one is boxing out. Do we gotta get Tristan back here?

Missing Okoro, Sexton, and Rubio rn in that order.

This is a house money game that basically mildly affects the standings. But I don't like losing to these MFs, and the "Klay Back" aspect makes it even more annoying since we gotta wait a whole ass season to see them again.

And Donkeylips ain't even playing. Some bullshit