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Topic subjecta couple of things happened there
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2754676, a couple of things happened there
Posted by Dr Claw, Sat Jan-08-22 11:35 PM
until JBB came along, the Cavs didn't really have any notion of roles or possibility of roles within the offense.

Sexton proved he could score early, so he got a green light. But he wasn't that much of a playmaker and the Cavs didn't have anyone else proven (Delly was gone cause he got paid by Milwaukee, then he came back late in one season, then he got hurt). Garland took a while to learn NBA basketball, but last season showed some signs of what he is now.

Sexton goes out of the season early. Then Garland is suddenly in a spot where he has to be more aggressive with the ball and went nuts, especially as a 3-point shooter. He has one of the purest shots this side of Steph Curry for a "traditional PG". He may be more like Steve Nash than I think Trae Young is.

Previous seasons, it was a chore to get him to shoot more than 3 3-pointers a game. Against the Blazers, he took 8, made 5. Had 6 assists, some boss plays on defense.

When Sexton comes back I'm thinking he becomes this teams "Lou Williams" or "Dennis Schroeder" which frankly was where he was about to be projected. Which, frankly, the Cavs need. Dude can score and get some buckets out of the PnR, also make his own shot. Because of his injury I think his next contract is team-friendly and "prove-it" level, but I've no concerns about him. If Okoro could score like him, then I'd be thinking the Cavs look into trades.

May not be the "Sexland" lineups fans thought there might be, but who knows how far DG evolves. If he becomes even more Rondo ish with his offensive skills, it might actually a thing, if we get the right wing. Mobley and Allen are going make things easier.