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Topic subjectI hear you.
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2754563, I hear you.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jan-06-22 04:59 PM
I want to make it clear that I don't know nearly enough about this Wizards broadcaster to earnestly defend him as a person. I basically never watch Wizards basketball, no clue what kinda dude he is, lol. Maybe he's a shithead and Wizards folks know this. Maybe he thinks he's funny all the time on calls. Maybe he's a total sweetheart but also a doofus. I've no idea.

I just don't think it's unreasonable to make the assumption that Kevin Porter Jr. is Kevin Porter's kid. I think you're right that, if one paused and actually thought about it, he'd probably have realized that this fact would've likely come up at some point in a previous game. Or maybe he even alluded to KPJ being Porter's kid in a previous game. I don't have nearly enough context to feel with certainty one thing or another. And I'm definitely open to being wrong if more comes out about him.

I just think, on paper, saying "I fucked up because I assume this NBA Junior with a former NBA player's name was that former player's kid" seems more believable than him thinking he could get away in the modern social media age, at a time when more and more broadcasters get suspended/fired for saying stupid/racist shit than ever before, with the most out-of-pocket inappropriate comment imaginable.

But maybe I'm too much of an optimist in regards to what a stranger to me like this would do.