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2754558, you could've stopped typing here:
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jan-06-22 03:40 PM
>He should've obviously done research before saying something
>about it during a game

>I mean, I know this is just one person, but I've been watching
>KPJ since USC, and I didn't know about this-- or at least
>didn't remember.

do you follow the NBA? Do you why he was traded from the Cav's to the Rockets in the first place?

>I'm just saying that, if you see a Jr. NBA player, and you
>know an NBA player with that same name from decades ago? I
>don't think it's unreasonable to assume they're related. (And
>I also don't think it's crazy to think a 70-year-old former
>NBA player could have a kid in his early 20s today.)

I usually research it for the reverse reason, I'm seeing Jr's come into professional leagues today and their father's are barely retired, I don't think its unreasonable to expect someone that works for an actual pro sports team to do basic research but you can continue to cape for him.