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Topic subjectWhile I hear you on this point...
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2754555, While I hear you on this point...
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jan-06-22 03:09 PM
>That a former Wizards player had a kid at 50 that was drafted
>2 years ago...and the connection was never mentioned before
>I'm ASSuming this guy would have covered the 2019 draft for
>That would have a been a story that would have come up...no?

They only had one pick, a Top 10 pick, and KPJ wasn't going to go anywhere near there. If he was a potential lottery guy, I totally agree that would've been a story people would've run with.

Like I said elsewhere, you're right that he should've done a quick Google at literally any point during his prep to check that KPJ was Kevin Porter's kid. He clearly didn't.

Or he did and decided that he thought a joke that would obviously jeopardize his career was the appropriate thing to say for this buzzer beater moment.

We disagree on what we think Occam's razor suggests, but we agree that dude was at minimum underprepared for his job.