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Topic subject... do people think athletes don't have kids at age 50?
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2754552, ... do people think athletes don't have kids at age 50?
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jan-06-22 02:58 PM
>Either way I don't see it as a "honest mistake", you don't see
>this kid 50 years younger and automatically assume that's his
>son without doing a little research.

Do we really look at a 50-year gap between father and son of athletes as crazy nowadays? That's twice now someone brought this up. It may not be *normal,* but there's a grip of athletes and coaches who had kids in their 50s. Rick Barry's kid is in the G-League right now. I mean, shit, Jim Boeheim is 77 and has two of his sons playing for him in college right now. And didn't Jordan just have twins like last year?

I also don't think it's completely crazy for a Wizards announcer, who likely knows the name Kevin Porter already, to make the assumption. There's a handful of juniors in the league who share the name of former NBA players because they're said NBA players' kids, lol. Gary Trent Jr., Tim Hardaway Jr., Jaren Jackson Jr., Kenyon Martin Jr., Larry Nance Jr... I haven't even touched on the Thirds.

He should've obviously done research before saying something about it during a game, that's on him, and he'll pay the price for that. But I don't think it's wildly presumptuous to assume that a player named Kevin Porter Jr. in the NBA might be the son of former NBA player Kevin Porter, lol.

With all the drama that
>has surrounded KPJ recently most NBA people know his story now
>if they didn't before.

I mean, I know this is just one person, but I've been watching KPJ since USC, and I didn't know about this-- or at least didn't remember.

Again, this announcer should've known before saying something based on assumption. There's a baseline of prep he didn't do. He should be punished for this mistake. And maybe a bunch of racist shit will come out about him in the coming days, I'm totally open to the possibility that this guy is some sociopath who thought he was being funny. Who knows?

I'm just saying that, if you see a Jr. NBA player, and you know an NBA player with that same name from decades ago? I don't think it's unreasonable to assume they're related. (And I also don't think it's crazy to think a 70-year-old former NBA player could have a kid in his early 20s today.)