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Topic subjectYou think it's impossible a former NBA player has a kid at 50?
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2754533, You think it's impossible a former NBA player has a kid at 50?
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jan-06-22 01:08 PM
Word? lol

I agree that he should've done his research and not assumed it was his dad before making a comment on the call about it. He'll likely get suspended, deservedly so.

>would he be referring to busting a nut?

lmao, no. Kevin Porter was a good player for Washington. He's the Washington announcer. KPJ made the clutch play. The announcer was saying "his dad made big plays for us, KPJ makes the big play here." If you assume that the announcer made a mistake in earnest, that is. Otherwise, you think the announcer had a joke lined up about murder on national television in case this one player made a big shot, and the player came through.

Maybe dude is just a closet racist and decided "yes, I'm going to make fun of the murder his father committed on live television." But I think the explanation that the guy assumed an NBA player named Kevin Porter Jr was the son of NBA player Kevin Porter feels like a reasonable explanation.