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2754432, lol
Posted by Vex_id, Wed Jan-05-22 05:09 PM
Um. You gotta be better than this. We're talking about elite scoring and facilitating in one package. Nobody in their right mind would say that Jordan was on-par with LeBron as *both* an elite scorer and passer. I'll concede that Jordan was a more dynamic/elite volume scorer than LeBron, but he was not a better combination scorer/passer. It's really not close.

>“Nobody has scored at this elite level while also being
>this elite of a passer/facilitator”
>Mike avg 32/8/8 with 14 triple doubles ( 7 triple doubles in a
>,won DPOY and MVP that year, while getting 200 steals/ 100
>Lebron’s highest all around avg: 30/7/7

TF are you talking about? First of all - we're talking about scoring & distributing - not rebounding (but nobody in the right mind would say Jordan was a better rebounder either - because he wasn't).

But did you even bother to look this up?

Lebron in:
'07/'08: 30/7
'08/09: 28/7
'09/'10: 30/9
'10/'11: 27/7
'12/'13: 27/7
'16/'17: 26/9
'17/'18: 27.5/9
'18/'19: 27/8
'19/'20: 25/10
'20/'21: 25/8

He's done this over the course of his career, consistently.

MJ was simply not the passer LeBron is. Stop being absurd.