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Topic subjectWe can cherry pick on stats all we went to.
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2754417, We can cherry pick on stats all we went to.
Posted by allStah, Wed Jan-05-22 03:28 PM
Notice you didn’t pick the lakers game where Memphis destroyed
the Lakers with their big 3 and without Ja, and with Ja they almost
lost to the lakers who weren’t fully loaded.

The point is Memphis plays better defense, and there
is better ball movement without Ja because he takes 20
+ shots a game taking shots away from Jackson, Brooks and Bane.
They score effortlessly in that form, as opposed to a guy doing some
take over game stuff.

So let me reiterate for Memphis to go deep in the PO and to win
a chip, Ja will have to stronger in his body and on defense and take less shots

His game is spectacular and lights up the crowd, yes, but for
Deep PO runs, team basketball will be needed.