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Topic subjectBreakout games??
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2754405, Breakout games??
Posted by allStah, Wed Jan-05-22 02:07 PM
Mike had 8 40 point games at the age of 38+, and one was a 50
point game. 5 days after turning 40, he dropped a 40 point game.

At the age of 40 Jordan avg 20/5/5.

And Jordan did all that while playing with Popeye Jones and Kwame Brown.
There was no other top 75 greatest player on that team.

The level of difficulty was greater with Mike.

Go sit down somewhere, please

You are wrong.

Holler at me when Lebron turns 40 and drops 40 and avg 20/5/5
without other top 75 greats.

You lose again.