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Topic subjectI actually think he's 4th, lol.
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2754389, I actually think he's 4th, lol.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Jan-05-22 11:57 AM
Russ has the second highest usage rate in the history of the NBA, so it's not a surprise that he's way up there. He's also played more games than one would think off the top-- he's already played more career games than Magic, Zeke, Bird, Iverson, and he'll pass guys like Barkley, D-Wade, Drexler, Kemp next year. He'll play his thousandth career game this year. He definitely averages more turnovers per game than any of the other stars, goes without saying, but his heavy usage plays a pretty high role in that.

Like, obviously not as good an overall player as the guys I'm about to name... but Magic Johnson had a higher turnover rate and a slightly lower assist rate than Russ does. Zeke had a slightly higher turnover rate and lower assist rate. Even Bron, who definitely has a lower turnover rate than Russ, also has a lower assist rate. Those players are obviously more efficient than Russ generally, but their teams were also clearly less reliant on creation solely from them than Russ's teams have generally been on him.

So while, yeah, Russ absolutely gets reckless more than most stars imo, and his inability to shoot consistently has not always been beneficial to his teams when the playoffs roll around... I also think his overall efficiency relative to his insane workload is pretty underrated, and his turnover numbers, while, yes, a bit high, also reflects how much workload he's been asked to carry for the vast majority of his career. (That might not be a popular take, but whatever, lol.)