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Topic subjecta late turnover and the Grizz take it.
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2754364, a late turnover and the Grizz take it.
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Jan-05-22 06:46 AM
Garland was a little rusty but him coming back into the team = a more winning brand of basketball. the leap this man has taken can't be underestimated.

Cavs make more free throws, Garland and Love hit a little more from 3 and that game isn't close. The turnovers really killed 'em.

Garland vs. Ja = the new CP3 vs. Deron.

Ja took his parting shots against Allen and Mobley (strangely), but those two were limiting which shots he could take.

We'll get them next time.

When Rondo comes into this lineup, bullshit comes to a halt. Portland looks like they'll be the first Rondo game.

Rondo will thankfully be around for the Warriors, hopefully Cedi too.