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Topic subject… allow me to point out something slightly devil’s advocate-y, lol.
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2754363, … allow me to point out something slightly devil’s advocate-y, lol.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Jan-05-22 02:44 AM
He definitely has shown the propensity in the big moments and the big assignments to take on tasks defensively and do what needs to be done…

… but he still somehow has negative win shares on the season! Only -.1, which is his best to date, and his defensive analytics are positive for the first time in his career in other metrics… but he’s got the lowest defensive plus-minus of any major contributor on the roster. Which is weird!

I know plus-minus in general can be a noisy stat, but he’s never once had a positive defensive plus-minus season, even with the Warriors, so it’s hard to believe it’s *all* noise. It may just be that his lapses, which are far less frequent, happen earlier in games— or perhaps happen in less important games. Or maybe he just really turns it off once the Warriors have built a huge lead or when Draymond is off the court. The last sentence there would be my guess, to be honest, but it’s hard to say without really deep diving.

But it’s genuinely strange that he’s played nearly the same number of minutes as Dray this season, only played 103 minutes of basketball this year without Dray, and has such a lower box plus minus than Dray. lol. (If anything, this underscores the incredible impact of Dray, my easy choice for DPOY this season.)

Still, despite all that, yes, in the big moments and on the big assignments, when the eyes are on and the team needs him defensively, Wiggins is delivering. Which is definitely more than could be said early in his career (or even two years ago), and has been crucial to the success of the Warriors without Klay.

But I’m still pretty blown by his defensive metrics being, while a career best for him, still fairly mediocre. Obviously some noise there, but it’s weird enough that I figured it wa s worth pointing out. Maybe a Warriors fan on here has some insight.