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Topic subjectsame (hope Jimmy is ok…) . poole still has a LOT of upside. he's gonna
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2754346, same (hope Jimmy is ok…) . poole still has a LOT of upside. he's gonna
Posted by poetx, Tue Jan-04-22 07:25 PM
be nasty as a 6th man. glad to see it. he's put in the work. and he's a legit starter-level talent in the league now, in his 3rd year. he's added elements of steph's game (the off ball movement, the step backs, the footwork to get to those catch and shoot 3s off handoffs and split action screens), general warriors ish (cutting without the ball, passing, screening), and improved his own shit (tempering his tendency to over-dribble, being decisive in attacking the rim, utilizing that stupidly quick first step).

2 years ago, even last year, folks were calling for the dubs to chalk him up as a failed pick. he is now a suitable stand-in for either of the warriors HoF guards. so they can load manage, absorb a few minor injuries, etc.

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