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Topic subjectIf I were the Bulls, I'd aim for Myles Turner.
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2754333, If I were the Bulls, I'd aim for Myles Turner.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Jan-04-22 05:02 PM
I wouldn't want Grant. He'd just crowd DeRozan's space. He's also just too goddamn expensive. I'd rather keep Patrick Williams-- or, if I'm trading him, go for someone who's a better fit than Grant.

In disbelief that I'm going to praise Harrison Barnes here, but he'd be a pretty good offensive win now piece in that he'd stretch the floor for DeRozan, for LaVine dribble drive, for Vucevic. The offense would absolutely improve. And while Barnes isn't doing much defending in Sacramento right now (who can blame him?), he's big and physical. Might struggle in iso on a switch against an elite playmaker, sure. But as he showed in Golden State, if he's the fifth best guy on the floor, he can serve a purpose.

My concern would be more about his price-- you couldn't just deal Derrick Jones, Troy Brown, and a first for him. The contracts wouldn't match. You'd like to throw in Coby, ideally, but the Kings have a gajillion guards already. Again, they'd probably ask for Williams. And I don't think Barnes makes enough of a difference to come off Williams already imo. If it was 25-year-old Barnes, maybe. But the relative lack of switchability in the playoffs might render him only playable in spurts.

Someone I *would* come off Williams for is Myles Turner. That'd be an absolute slam dunk. Williams, Jones, McKinnie, and a first for Turner? Shit, I'd throw in a pick swap or something too. I'm a big believer in Turner. He'd space the floor on offense, and he'd be a monster defensively. I don't know if I'd go *this* far, because offensive chemistry is good, but there's a world in which you can deal Vuc in a three team deal, get Turner to replace him, and have an extra 5-6 mil available for an additional piece. Not saying I'd necessarily do that... but I'd stroooongly consider it. Turner would be such a great fit with Zo, LaVine, DeRozan, and Williams next year too.

Other than that, I think there are smaller pieces that would cost less that would make the front court improve, both defensively and in terms of versatility. Guys like Kelly Olynyk or Larry Nance almost certainly wouldn't cost too much but would help shore up the roster. Maybe a guy like Josh Richardson, who could work out but wouldn't cost much if he didn't.

But I wouldn't want Grant. I think Barnes would be fine but probably not for the price. If you're gonna have to give up Williams in a trade, may as well aim for Christian Wood or Myles Turner. And if those don't work, look for low-cost assets.

(But, of course, I'm not a GM. The fuck do I know? lol)