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Topic subjectPlaying devil's advocate here.
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2754330, Playing devil's advocate here.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Tue Jan-04-22 04:02 PM
>We simply need a big. That’s all. Williams and White are way
>more valuable with
>all star upside, and possibly superstar upside with Williams.
>They are present and future

Pulled this from @mkhoops:

"Are you expecting Patrick Williams to ultimately develop
into a player who is better, similarly tiered, or worse than
guys like Jerami Grant or Harrison Barnes?

I ask for obvious reasons, but to me, I think he’ll end up
being a similarly tiered role guy like Barnes and Grant,
which is why I’m all for trading him now if you can get the
finished version of him now."

We simply need a solid
>big, and that can be done by moving draft picks
>and a few fringe players.

Ha. What draft picks?