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Topic subjectI’m not interested in either player.
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2754326, I’m not interested in either player.
Posted by allStah, Tue Jan-04-22 02:50 PM
The Grant rumor doesn’t make sense, because he left Denver, a contender at the
time, to be the main option in Detroit. I doubt he would be interested in going
to Chicago to become the fourth option. Plus he has zero upside compared
to Williams and White, pieces we would have to give up to get him.

I don’t like Barnes either because he is 29, and isn’t known for his defense,
and he isn’t a player that we need. He is known for his offense, and we have
plenty of offense.

We simply need a big. That’s all. Williams and White are way more valuable with
all star upside, and possibly superstar upside with Williams. They are present and future

Let’s not be the White Sox here, who went all in last season by trading Nick Madrigal
for pitching that they didn’t need, and to chase a World Series that they weren’t ready for. Nick Madrigal is a young stud, with the ability to hit every pitch, and was a main
cog in the offense. He tore his hamstring, putting him out for the season. Instead of
the White Sox being patient, they made a desperate move and messed up the second
half of their season. They sucked in the second half and were bounced early in POs
Now they have a hole at second base, and don’t look destined to get to the World Series in the future.

Don’t do the same thing with Patrick Williams...Hopefully, Jerry learned from his white
Sox mistake. We saw what happened when they they got desperate last year
around the trade deadline. We immediately sucked after the trades were made.

We are in an excellent position right now, and we have the pieces for the present and the future. We simply need a solid big, and that can be done by moving draft picks
and a few fringe players.