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Topic subjectJa put on a show tonight …he’s been working on his jumper too which is good
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2754292, Ja put on a show tonight …he’s been working on his jumper too which is good
Posted by guru0509, Tue Jan-04-22 12:09 AM
I hate to see him end up in his 30s with no jumper and still relying on his athleticism (which is absurd )

His vertical and motor is insane

Here’s a slo mo video I took


and Steve nash has now blown 3 games in a row with his asinine management. the entire arena was wondering wtf he was doing. they need to get this bimbo out of here and hire a real coach.

>De’Marvelous , as in Derozan, is on absolute fire right
>now, and would get my vote
>as MVP if the voting were to take place today. Curry and
>Durant have cooled off
>a bit, due to their teams being hit with Covid. And Harden is
>carrying the
>Nets as of late. Plus the Bulls were the first team to really
>get hit hard with Covid,
>but they still continued to perform at a high level.
>Derozan is the best 4th quarter player in the league ( stats
>don’t lie), and he hit two last second game winning shots on
>consecutive days, and is the only player player in NBA history
>to achieve such a feat. Plus the Bulls are in first place in
>the Eastern Conference.
>The Bulls are built for the present and the future, but our
>interior defense is still
>horrid, and we are given up too many points. Winning games
>with last second shots
>will not get us far in the POs. That’s my only gripe. We
>have to fix our interior defense
>or it will bite us in the ass in the post season. We are
>getting killed on the glass,
>and we are giving up way too many points in the paint.