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Topic subjectWe are constructed for a deep PO, but a championship?
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2754279, We are constructed for a deep PO, but a championship?
Posted by allStah, Mon Jan-03-22 09:19 PM
Our interior defense is too weak. We are exactly like like Billy’s Chris Paul
OKC team. That team was a beast in the 4 quarter, and had a hand full
of closers. The starting lineup was focking ranked top 5 in clutch points.
It was a guard heavy system, but soft in the interior, and it hurt them in the POs.
Galinari makes Vuecvic look like Alonzo Mourning.

This team is almost exactly like that, and the interior needs to be upgraded
in order to truly compete for a championship.

This is why I’m against maxing Lavine. I don’t put him on that Giannis
level, and it would hurt our payroll tremendously where they wouldn’t be
able to make any big moves in the near future.

Patrick William is going to be a stud for us, and Coby White is turning into
a prolific player before our very eyes. We are not going to have room for everyone,
and I would rather have a true prolific all around big.

The Christian Wood situation is going to be very interesting. He seems to be on the
out with Houston. I would rather have both Wood and Levert over giving Lavine
a super max....or something similar.

Now if Lavine comes and is willing to take something lesser, than I’m all for it.
But we all know he wants top 5-10 money.