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Topic subject2021-22 NBA Regular Season: Week 12
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2754268, 2021-22 NBA Regular Season: Week 12
Posted by allStah, Mon Jan-03-22 06:46 PM
De’Marvelous , as in Derozan, is on absolute fire right now, and would get my vote
as MVP if the voting were to take place today. Curry and Durant have cooled off
a bit, due to their teams being hit with Covid. And Harden is carrying the
Nets as of late. Plus the Bulls were the first team to really get hit hard with Covid,
but they still continued to perform at a high level.

Derozan is the best 4th quarter player in the league ( stats don’t lie), and he hit two last second game winning shots on consecutive days, and is the only player player in NBA history to achieve such a feat. Plus the Bulls are in first place in the Eastern Conference.

The Bulls are built for the present and the future, but our interior defense is still
horrid, and we are given up too many points. Winning games with last second shots
will not get us far in the POs. That’s my only gripe. We have to fix our interior defense
or it will bite us in the ass in the post season. We are getting killed on the glass,
and we are giving up way too many points in the paint.