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Topic subjecti saw somewhere: "get that drunk out of the ring"
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2756055, i saw somewhere: "get that drunk out of the ring"
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sat Jan-22-22 10:50 AM
which, while insensitive, doesnt really seem like ejectable behavior to me. *they* made Jon Moxley into a drunk.

i dont know why wrestling companies trade so heavily on these ppl's personal lives.

not only do i not care about Jade Cargill's daughter, I DEFINITELY dont want to see her on TV.

I dont want to know about Moxley going to rehab, and telling us makes you look stupid after he had his flask in every other promo for months.

if its not part of the presentation, keep it to yourself. If Jonathan Good has an alcohol problem, why are you telling us that Jon Moxley, an entirely fabricated entity, is going to rehab? Drinking alcohol on camera was part of this fabricated entity, but now we have to pretend that never happened?

This is a big part of why pundits and retired wrestlers say that the biggest marks nowadays are the wrestlers themselves. Jon Moxley isnt a real person, but they seem to have completely mixed up when and when NOT to portray that he is.