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Topic subjectRE: If Guevara could slow down, he could be Kidman/Juvi/Rey of AEW
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2755422, RE: If Guevara could slow down, he could be Kidman/Juvi/Rey of AEW
Posted by jimaveli, Sat Jan-15-22 10:25 PM
>But Guevara allows NO time for character, for movement.
>It’s go go go from the minute the bell rings. He’s
>charismatic when he’s not wrestling but not while he’s
>I thought the match was pretty good but to your point
>there’s definitely a disparity between Guevara’s size and
>As storytelling goes, I actually really enjoyed Wardlow/Punk

Someone probably has to force slowing down onto him with a vet who can stay with him. Like Pac or someone like that. It seems like AEW gets what you’re saying and they THINK they’re trying to slow him down. Ie: working with the Rhodes brothers. The problem of course is that the Rhodes brothers sometimes can’t help THEMSELVES either so here we are.

And Jericho? It’s kinda over, right? He was a great get for them at the beginning. And he probably did better in AEW giving and taking a few rubs than he would have going around randomly or on moth balls in WWE but he’s right around done. He doesn’t look great, he’s faking it, it’s becoming clear, and he’s losing any kind of mystique he had the more he comes around looking old, moving slow, and making people wait for him. And he’s not even helping his crew out at this point. Once they bring Joe to replace him on commentary, he can damn near lose a retirement match.