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Topic subjectRE: was Adam Cole always this flabby?
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2755416, RE: was Adam Cole always this flabby?
Posted by jimaveli, Sat Jan-15-22 09:52 PM
Cole is an indy main event wrestling machine. Kinda like the 70s and 80s long match/ in great shape/everyone likes working with him type dudes. Like a Steamboat with cooler music and a little crew. Until he gets to having banger matches again with stakes, I think he’s gonna seem disappointing. Like youre asking, he has basically never LOOKED like anything special. In that way, he lacks the Steamboat thing (Ricky looked like a damn tank).

Back to Cole, he can grow on you. That’s how he got me. I didn’t gaf about him in ROH or NXT until he got into some big matches. He’s great but he’s niche great. Even with his over ass song and the entrance, he’s not ‘he’ll make anything feel huge so just throw him on tv’ great.

That would be CM motherfucking Punk. He’s got the Midas touch. He’s knighting so many people in AEW right now. The validation he just gave to Wardlow? Man, he might’ve gotten Wardlow silly paydays for the next decade at least with the way he took those power bombs. The way he fucked up to get into them and then only MJF being an ass saved him? Just wow. Classic, smart, wonderful, giving, cool. Punk is a perfect combo of a lot of good shit right now. Punk basically lost to Wardlow the other night. I loved it and it totally worked on me. I want to see if he’s gonna Febreze Spears somehow too. It’s not like Spears doesn’t have decent size and solid work in general. He’s overdue to be made to look like something worth a damn. May as well!

And hey, I didn’t see this Punk AEW run being this complete and great so far. The honeymoon is over maybe but he’s doing God’s work. I wish Edge was banging out goodness anything like this for instance.

>now i've only ever seen him in AEW.
>and his theme/entrance is probably my favorite thing in all of
>wrestling rn.
>im not ashamed to admit i do the whole bit with the boom on
>the apron and the two guns up thing he does
>but once the bell dings, i feel like they're asking a lot of
>me because the actual look and in-ring stuff doesnt match his
>and as fans of both people i really don't dig how they're
>about to push AC & Britt as an item. i know they are dating
>for real but let Britt cook in her own ecosystem vs Thunder
>Rosa or Jade and soon Jamie.
>wardlow/mjf/spears & punk remains interesting as always across
>both shows
>i think i saw Hangman on a Dark episode? i know they tape that
>the same night as Dynamite, so it makes sense for the live
>fans to get to see him that night, but the world champ should
>never be on a Dark episode. just don't air that. idk.
>and finally i find that Dan Lambert i think most people
>dislike him but he is funny as all hell to me.