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Topic subjectwas Adam Cole always this flabby?
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2755405, was Adam Cole always this flabby?
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat Jan-15-22 08:52 PM
now i've only ever seen him in AEW.
and his theme/entrance is probably my favorite thing in all of wrestling rn.
im not ashamed to admit i do the whole bit with the boom on the apron and the two guns up thing he does

but once the bell dings, i feel like they're asking a lot of me because the actual look and in-ring stuff doesnt match his personality/presentation

and as fans of both people i really don't dig how they're about to push AC & Britt as an item. i know they are dating for real but let Britt cook in her own ecosystem vs Thunder Rosa or Jade and soon Jamie.

wardlow/mjf/spears & punk remains interesting as always across both shows

i think i saw Hangman on a Dark episode? i know they tape that the same night as Dynamite, so it makes sense for the live fans to get to see him that night, but the world champ should never be on a Dark episode. just don't air that. idk.

and finally i find that Dan Lambert i think most people dislike him but he is funny as all hell to me.