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Topic subjectPunk is giving a masteclass in how to do a PROGRAM
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2755311, Punk is giving a masteclass in how to do a PROGRAM
Posted by cgonz00cc, Fri Jan-14-22 05:01 PM
what Danielson is doing with his matches,Punk is doing with "wrestling on TV"

Everything is compelling, everyone he interacts with comes out better than they were before, and he isnt even touching his nemesis. Hes the anti-Jericho and i honestly couldnt imagine the show without him at this point.

All that with Wardlow was fuckin great and now hes made. Whenever they want to push him they can give him 6 weeks of wins on TV and hes a credible title contender.

As far as Sammy, you're right in that the match starts and anything interesting about him goes away. Then its pedal to the metal with choreography and stunt work, rinse, repeat. He's also not a babyface, which isnt helping at all.