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Topic subjectgreat pacing and format to go along with blah content
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2754589, great pacing and format to go along with blah content
Posted by cgonz00cc, Fri Jan-07-22 08:40 AM
the time to convince me Hangman would be a worthy champion was before he beat Omega, not after. im not buying it, im not buying him, and im losing interest in him as a champion. the match itself was good for what it was, even if their intentions with it are a miss for me. the multi-man gimmicks for title shots need to die, because it sends a very strong message that the weekly TV isnt that important, as long as you watch the "Face of the Revolution 20 Man Human Centipede Match'

so of course now they are going to do the same thing with Jurassic Express, which im also not buying. Luchasaurus is an indie goof, and Ill never be able to forget him on the microphone role-playing an actual talking dinosaur. after the first 5-6 times of doing the "65 million years" bit, he cant just go back to being a badass who dresses like that to psych ppl out. this is not the kind of pro wrestling that appeals to me.

the parade of heel tag teams coming out at the end was EXTREMELY cornball too. this has Young Bucks stench all over it. i would have been real interested had only FTR come out with their seni-reasonable point that the Lucha Bros only had belts to lose in the first place bc of repeated referee errors to kick off a real program.

the overall strategy of using the non-existent prestige of the belts to make stars instead of using the stars they have to give the belts a shred of credibility is NOT hitting for me. its fan booking relying on the idea that everyone knows it's fake, so no need to put effort into making you believe. i dont watch this shit to marvel at choreographed feats of athletic coordination.

but on the plus side i loved the way the show was laid out and the pace it moved along at. good mix of talking segments and matches.

MJF-Punk was great as usual, and I actually felt something for Shawn Dean taking a stray bullet. Love him as a worker and glad he got to be on TV. Id really like to see him win some matches and get into the TNT Title mix bc hes good enough. 2Point0 was also highly entertaining as usual, and I enjoy them so much that I almost dont care that they are getting sucked into Jericho's cheap heat fueled self-love. Im looking forward to more Deeb-Shida as well.

its funny how Punk-MJF and Deeb-Shida are the most well constructed and believable "personal issue" programs and they are going about it in completely opposite ways. Punk-MJF are basically magnets physically repelling each other for now while they spar verbally, while Deeb-Shida are going into their 4th match and clearly headed for a 5th. this kind of stuff IS why i watch this shit.