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Topic subjectWALTER makes everything better
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2754579, WALTER makes everything better
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Jan-06-22 10:50 PM
And Bronn Breaker does seem like the can't miss prospect that's justifying this whole experiment. Now that they put the title on him, it doesn't seem like there's much more point in keeping him around. He'll be up at the main roster before the end of the year, and the only reason I can think for it not being right now is that there's really no one else to put the belt on.

I read this somewhere and I think it's true: There's still too much of a style clash between what they want to be now and the last vestiges of what they used to be. Now, they seem to be going for this mid-'90s thing, where everything is bright and wrestlers have side-jobs/gimmicks or are narcolpetic. And the matches are really short and there's all these goofy backstage skits. But going down that path and still having stuff like WarGames and kendo stick matches isn't working. And they're apparently going to do anothhr Dusty Classic Tag Team tournament, which is probably going to be a disaster.

So they should probably pick a lane and stick with it. And then cut it down to an hour and just keep in on Peacock.