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Topic subject2.0 isnt bad
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2754577, 2.0 isnt bad
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Jan-06-22 09:26 PM
either that or the last 3 eps have just be a good run.

focusing on some of the newer folks
Carmelo's cool. Kind of reminds me of a less athletic Ricochet but w/ actual personality
they need to set Carmelo's manager/partner loose that guy has megastar potential if he can wrestle.
Bron is already a star
Toxic Attraction is a good focus point for the Women's division
Imperium is way cooler w/ Walter
the new girl Tiffany should end up being something.

i mean yeah some of these people are green as shit so the wrestling might not be as good but its a better show than Raw or SD