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Topic subjectDynamite 1/5 : TBS Debut
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2754505, Dynamite 1/5 : TBS Debut
Posted by Tiger Woods, Thu Jan-06-22 08:43 AM

an uneven show anchored by two awesome matches in BD vs Hangman and Jungle Express vs Lucha Bros. Like Danielson, I don't know if I've seen a bad Lucha Bros match before.

Like was said above, the Malakai Black stuff isn't quite hitting. You can hear how confused the crowd is too.

Jade Cargill vs Ruby Soho was so sloppy. This kind of match shouldn't be on primetime television, period. Cargill has Charlotte upside, but she's green as grass. For seeming so athletic, there's a violence and physicality that's sorely lacking from her moveset. I'm not sure the AEW women's division needs a 2nd title. The best female performers are, by a mile, Baker, Deeb, Riho.

Curious to see what they do with Danielson AND Hangman from here. I'd like to see Omega/Cole get mixed up with Hangman somehow I'd throw Punk in there too but it seems like he's not through with MJF yet. Maybe a returning heel Moxley? (yuck) I think we're about to see some delusional madman heel work from Danielson which I'm so obviously in for. He's the best pro wrestler in the world.

If they're gonna have Hangman go through with beating Danielson then I hope we're due for a long and exciting Hangman run. They have the opportunity to make a star here, but he needs the strap for a while and needs big angles and classic matches through that period of time. He's proven more in the last month than he has in the last 2 years so I think he's got it in him.