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Topic subjectRE: Danielson/Hangman 2 tonight. LFG
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2754443, RE: Danielson/Hangman 2 tonight. LFG
Posted by pretentious username, Wed Jan-05-22 06:15 PM
>Danielson by good screw job

I got the same happening. Some sort of wacky split decision that goes Bryan’s favor even though Hangman was about to pin him again.

Idk, maybe that’s too WCW, but I think they want to shock/anger people on their first TBS show to get them to keep tuning in.

I think a lot of people are nervous about taking the title off of Hangman so soon, which I get, but they are clearly invested in the guy and in long-term storytelling. He’ll be fine if he loses. I think they’ve struck something special with this “I’m gonna kick your head in” Danielson and they should probably ride it.