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Posted by pretentious username, Wed Jan-05-22 06:08 PM
I really want
>that old belt back though, and Okada winning would accomplish
>that. I'm conflicted.

Fuck. Okada is keeping the new title. He looks so weird with it lol. Ah well… guess we gotta get used to it now.

>I could see Okada winning night one and Will beating him on
>night 2. I don't know what to think, I just want some banger
>matches for both nights.

I figured Okada was gonna win cause they want that popular babyface for the 50th anniversary/return of real crowds that can hopefully cheer and boo. Ospreay will get his big WO moment with the title soon enough (probably next year). Shingo is great, but there was no way his reign was gonna last past WK. Glad he got his run with the title. He is easily the MVP of the past year and carried them through an extraordinarily difficult time.

I liked Night 2 better than Night 1. I was a tad let down overall, but the last 3 matches all delivered and I really enjoyed the Stardom showcase. My favorite match was Kenta vs. Tanahashi. That was brutal.

I was surprised by some results. United Empire lost big here, which makes me think the story of the next WK will be them taking a bunch of gold.

I really gotta start watching Stardom. Been hearing great stuff, and I was impressed by the match, even if they didn’t get the chance to get their characters across. Saya Kamitani’s finisher was bananas.