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Topic subjectRE: I mean isn't that what they did with Kenny?
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2754315, RE: I mean isn't that what they did with Kenny?
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Jan-04-22 12:05 PM
>>It’s dangerous tho. And when a show like AEW gets to this
>>point, it could work so far counter to how they started out:
>>company that was made to have good matches and ‘serve the
>>fans’. Now they have to trust the ‘fans’ to get that
>>having a BIG ASS HEEL is one of the best ways to serve the
>>fans. Because then, some babyface somewhere gets the rub of
>>taking out that heel at some point.
>Because Hangman being the guy to come back and take him out
>seems like that.

Yep. But look at how that went. Corny (who has hated Omega for a good while) and lots of the internet couldn’t take it. All of a sudden there was lots of Omega hate flying around when, at least to me, it was obvious that he was going out of his way to be an unlikable, terrible, and/or cowardly heel. He gave Hangman a big heel target to take out. And even the Bucks had to ‘stand by’ and let it happen when the time came. But entirely too many people acted like that story was somehow ridiculous for a wrestling show. I didn’t get the confusion at all.

To make it even more clean, he got beat then went the fuck away!

We hear a lot about how wrestlers now focus too much on ‘having good matches’ as opposed to telling stories and playing their roles. But, based on what I saw, Kenny played the shit out of his role. He earned the ass-kicking he got and now he’s somewhere licking his wounds.

So now we come back to Cody. And it’s not obvious what he’s doing right now? But he has to get that people fucking hate him (and his fine ass wife). He’s winning matches that people don’t want him to win. He’s acting like a conquering hero while people boo and the announcers acknowledge the boos. Sounds like HHH reign of terror heel stuff to me!? So now we just need a little bit of cheating and we’re there, but will people get it and appreciate it? And of course, he’s going to be built up so that some babyface person gets to take him out. But can people wait for it? It doesn’t seem like they can.

>>But do the Twittery folks who think AEW is the white knight
>>saving American wrestling from the ultra evil big money
>>corporation that is WWE get this? Or no? Maybe we will see!