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Topic subjectI mean isn't that what they did with Kenny?
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2754309, I mean isn't that what they did with Kenny?
Posted by magilla vanilla, Tue Jan-04-22 11:33 AM
>It’s dangerous tho. And when a show like AEW gets to this
>point, it could work so far counter to how they started out: a
>company that was made to have good matches and ‘serve the
>fans’. Now they have to trust the ‘fans’ to get that
>having a BIG ASS HEEL is one of the best ways to serve the
>fans. Because then, some babyface somewhere gets the rub of
>taking out that heel at some point.

Because Hangman being the guy to come back and take him out seems like that.

>But do the Twittery folks who think AEW is the white knight
>saving American wrestling from the ultra evil big money
>corporation that is WWE get this? Or no? Maybe we will see!