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Topic subjectNot a good sign that I keep forgetting about Wrestle Kingdom
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2754296, Not a good sign that I keep forgetting about Wrestle Kingdom
Posted by pretentious username, Tue Jan-04-22 02:04 AM
And it’s happening like right now. I pretty much checked out after G1 and I think a lot of other folks did too. I heard the Super Junior tourney was pretty good, but just couldn’t make the time for it.

WK is actually a good card, especially this first night, but the product is ice cold rn. The main event scene has been cursed during the COVID era, they introduced a new World Title belt that everyone hates, some of the gaijin either can’t or won’t travel to Japan, and even the clap crowds groan at the House of Torture booking.

Still, there are reasons for optimism. The 50th anniversary is this year, so they definitely want it to be memorable. It seems like everyone is getting relatively healthy at the same time. And the Shibata return could be huge.

I think/hope they make a big splash over the next few days and carry that momentum. They really need it. I’m guessing Okada makes it out of tonight/tomorrow with the championship and gets rid of the Divas title, but more than individual results, they just need these matches to create some buzz. I want to come back here and say “you guys HAVE to drop everything to watch _______ vs. _______.”