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Topic subjectRE: Jesus, great idea. There's huge money in this:
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2754245, RE: Jesus, great idea. There's huge money in this:
Posted by jimaveli, Mon Jan-03-22 11:15 AM
>>Or they could go the other direction, and finally have Cody
>>use the Pedigree against someone super-popular on the rise
>>(like Hook), and cause the whole arena to riot.

Wow. That would be good. The ‘I don’t get that I’m a heel (wink)’ heel CAN be big fun. And if done right, you take advantage of how marks get mad about things now. I think about 97/98 self-righteous Bret Hart as a prime example.

It’s dangerous tho. And when a show like AEW gets to this point, it could work so far counter to how they started out: a company that was made to have good matches and ‘serve the fans’. Now they have to trust the ‘fans’ to get that having a BIG ASS HEEL is one of the best ways to serve the fans. Because then, some babyface somewhere gets the rub of taking out that heel at some point.

But do the Twittery folks who think AEW is the white knight saving American wrestling from the ultra evil big money corporation that is WWE get this? Or no? Maybe we will see!