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2754235, RE: OKPW: 2022, we comin for you, *****!
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Jan-03-22 02:57 AM

>I apologize to Corny..I enjoy most of his stuff now. I accept that he
>can’t help himself with certain things and people. I know to take his
>anger over that stuff/those people with a grain of salt so I can enjoy
>the rest of his stuff.

I'll say it again: he sticks to older stuff and he's an amazing fount of knowledge. He's just insufferable when it comes to commenting on most modern product. As with most cases, his nick-names aren't nearly as clever as he thinks they are, and hearing him whine that FTR don't win enough matches gets really old.

>NXT Black and Gold is dead. The next generation is working out their
>kinks while most of us roll our eyes. Hopefully the kids come out of it
>better off eventually. The tv exposure is a double-edged sword methinks
>in the complain festival environment.

They really should put NXT back onto the Network/Peacock only. Trotting out most of these not-ready-for prime time players is embarrassing. The WWE can probably make better use of the two-hour slot on a cable network. Right now, it's losing rating battle to L&O reruns.

>Speaking of that, what is AEW gonna do with Cody? They’re too self-aware
>to not have a plan of some kind with this. We shall see. And what are
>they going to do with all of these doggone still free agents!?

They've certainly been spending the last few weeks establishing Wardlow laying waste to everyone. So they could do the Brodie Lee thing and have Wardlow completely annihilate Cody and to turn him the biggest face in the company. They finally split up him and MJF, making MJF an even bigger mega-heel in the process.

Or they could go the other direction, and finally have Cody use the Pedigree against someone super-popular on the rise (like Hook), and cause the whole arena to riot.