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Topic subjectIt's a weird situation
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2754234, It's a weird situation
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Jan-03-22 02:44 AM
Honestly, I understand it. At the beginning of the COVID Daly's Place shows, the women's division was essentially her, Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, and Shida. Now it's big enough to require two titles, and she can't even get into the tournament for the second. Jade Cargill's taken her spot, and there's likely to even more talent coming in once all the other NXT/WWE no compete clauses expire (Mercedes Martinez is just the first). However, as others have said, the Women's Division is actually pretty diverse, so it did come off sounding like sour grapes.

>the cliffs of it is she called out some of the diversity
>issues she saw in AEW. TK jumped off the porch w/ the "i have
>black friends" energy.

Yeah, TK completely bungled the response. You'd think being the scion of Shad would give some saviness, but apparently not.

>one thing i will say is they do need a top black mens
>personality. Hobbs can get there in 3 years or so but he needs
>some time in the oven. it should be their #1 priority for this
>year to either sign that person, or figure out a way to
>hotshot some up to that level.
There are clearly issues. Like you said, Hobbs isn't quite there yet, and needs more time to be on the World title level. They obviously see ton of potential in Dante Martin, but the kid is only 20 and still looks like he's 12, and needs more to time to develop. The Acclaimed could be something fairly soon. Lee Moriarty clearly has a shit ton of potential as well. I like Lio Rush, but it's not clear how committed he was to AEW even before this (and he was the one who immediately called on TK to apologizie) or to pro wrestling in general, given his many retirements. And, you, he's **is** really tiny. Smaller than Darby, even.

I think the best short-term solution is Jay Lethal. He's obviously super-talented and can be super over. But I think he's only been on TV twice since they announced his signing.

I do find it weird that she tried to say that WWE has been demonstrably better at inclusivity . Especially since literally the day after she made the comments, they killed the completely bungled Big E run. WWE, like every other major federation, doesn't have a very good history when it comes to Black champions.

The comment that got lost in this is her saying that the company doesn't have enough structure. Which is usually the Jim Cornette POV. While I think the lack of structure does occasionally have drawbacks (see: Cody and the Young Bucks in the last year), it's also the reason that generally most of the people on the roster seem pretty happy while they're there. You might not get the pay-offs of WWE, but you get forced into doing REALLY dumb shit either.