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Topic subjectRE: thoughts on the whole Big Swole/TK mess?
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2754227, RE: thoughts on the whole Big Swole/TK mess?
Posted by jimaveli, Mon Jan-03-22 12:02 AM
>the cliffs of it is she called out some of the diversity
>issues she saw in AEW. TK jumped off the porch w/ the "i have
>black friends" energy.
>one thing i will say is they do need a top black mens
>personality. Hobbs can get there in 3 years or so but he needs
>some time in the oven. it should be their #1 priority for this
>year to either sign that person, or figure out a way to
>hotshot some up to that level.
>on the women's side idk how much a bone she has to pick. its
>real diverse on that side and Jade is getting a super push.
>i also read her comments to mean she doesnt think Brandi looks
>out for any of us at all.
>random aside from that
>- idk where the WWE found Nikkita Lyons at but my god. talk
>about thick. they need to get her in some better ring gear
>though it looks like she's in bubble wrap. she could be legit
>though. looks athletic af on her IG.
>- Big E got hosed his entire run.
>- i think its lame Brock has the belt again but he seems a
>little more into it than usual
>- they missed a trick not getting Beth Phoenix into some hot
>brood vampire outfit.
>- Sheamus beating Ricochet/Cesaro 1v2 after his partner got
>injured was actually dope, even though they should've adjusted
>the finish. I rarely enjoy Sheamus.

I hope Swoll gets a shot to end up being great and she kills it somewhere. Impact keeps on showing reasonable wrestling. Maybe she can do that up.

Brandy? Man, I don’t know that lady but she’s never come off as amazingly likable. Still, it sucks that she’s going to get looks and/or comments whenever black folks have an issue in AEW. What is she actually for real in charge of?

I don’t know what to think of the Tony part of this stuff. Tony is a rich kid more than he’s any race in my mind. I could see him having all sorts of blind spots even when he means well. If he keeps his ears open and tries to make things right, cool. Zoomed out, this mfer came out of nowhere, unassed mountains of money and created a whole ass wrestling company and now LOTS of people have somewhere big to work in the US other than WWE. And besides Jericho, the group they started with was a parade of dudes that most of the average US rasslin watchers had never seen. Okay, they got Moxley pretty early too but c’mon now..you get what I’m saying here. AEW is basically an expensive as hell indy. For that, I’m probably going to lean on ‘give this dude a chance’..at least for now. And the way my mind works, he’d have to completely step in it with a tweet for me to even consider turning on him cuz fuck Twitter in general. Too many people are on there parsing words and dying to make up something to ‘care about’ negatively.

I just hope race stuff doesn’t derail all of the good they’ve done so far. And really, we all know it’s kinda shitty if it turns into ‘grab a random black person and push them down people’s throat cuz…yeah, black peoples are kewl with us over here! Yessir they are!’. I would like to see some more Jay Lethal tho! He’s close to his last days in-ring and deserves his flowers for turning into a really good wrestler.

Man, the first reply you got from pretend is IT..KEEF LEE in AEW could and should be a damn party if dude is healthy and pretty much even kinda sorta in-shape. And maybe it would keep the pitchfork folks at bay at bit. Since we’re here, what about this? If people who are claiming to be ‘done’ with TK right now still watched WWE after the Booker T/HHH shit, they aren’t serious anyway. Booker T heavily experienced and obviously ready to roll and they hosed the shit out of him after HHH basically called him a jailbird jiggaboo for months going into that Mania. Lee could give them a shot to redo that angle and then have the semi-racist dude show up AND GET HIS ASS COMPLETELY KICKED. Ala what should’ve happened to Haitch.

Big E man? Yeah, he got jobbed. He might be screwed if they’re desperate to ‘create a spark’ or whatever. And all of the ‘everything sucks and I’m sad’ propaganda online plus Rona/live attendance stuff didn’t help. I don’t see how he gets the title back anytime soon. He’d be a damn good time in AEW too. Premature typing! I’ll stop here.