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Topic subjectthoughts on the whole Big Swole/TK mess?
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2754214, thoughts on the whole Big Swole/TK mess?
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Jan-02-22 08:37 PM
the cliffs of it is she called out some of the diversity issues she saw in AEW. TK jumped off the porch w/ the "i have black friends" energy.

one thing i will say is they do need a top black mens personality. Hobbs can get there in 3 years or so but he needs some time in the oven. it should be their #1 priority for this year to either sign that person, or figure out a way to hotshot some up to that level.

on the women's side idk how much a bone she has to pick. its real diverse on that side and Jade is getting a super push.

i also read her comments to mean she doesnt think Brandi looks out for any of us at all.

random aside from that
- idk where the WWE found Nikkita Lyons at but my god. talk about thick. they need to get her in some better ring gear though it looks like she's in bubble wrap. she could be legit though. looks athletic af on her IG.
- Big E got hosed his entire run.
- i think its lame Brock has the belt again but he seems a little more into it than usual
- they missed a trick not getting Beth Phoenix into some hot brood vampire outfit.
- Sheamus beating Ricochet/Cesaro 1v2 after his partner got injured was actually dope, even though they should've adjusted the finish. I rarely enjoy Sheamus.