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Topic subjectOKPW: 2022, we comin for you, *****!
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2754208, OKPW: 2022, we comin for you, *****!
Posted by jimaveli, Sun Jan-02-22 07:36 PM
Reigns has the rona but hopefully he’s fine.

Brock is enjoying himself and is now the Raw champ. Lashley vs Lesnar is gonna happen and it’s gonna be GREAT as long as Brock plays ball.

Toni Storm flew home and quit WWE and the internet doesn’t know why yet. We shall see/I hope she’s okay. She’s 26.

Charlotte and Becky are holding belts still. So is Britt Baker.

I apologize to Corny..I enjoy most of his stuff now. I accept that he can’t help himself with certain things and people. I know to take his anger over that stuff/those people with a grain of salt so I can enjoy the rest of his stuff.

We still have Edge, Christian, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, and others back from retirement mostly doing good stuff.

Random indy stuff is going down. ROH is gone-ish.

Wrestle Kingdom is coming too. Shibata and Will are back!? Nice.

NXT Black and Gold is dead. The next generation is working out their kinks while most of us roll our eyes. Hopefully the kids come out of it better off eventually. The tv exposure is a double-edged sword methinks in the complain festival environment.

Speaking of that, what is AEW gonna do with Cody? They’re too self-aware to not have a plan of some kind with this. We shall see. And what are they going to do with all of these doggone still free agents!?

Last thing for now before we head towards BD vs Hangman this week, good tag team rasslin is happening on both AEW and WWE.