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Topic subjectDo they take Olympic Gold medals into consideration?
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2754223, Do they take Olympic Gold medals into consideration?
Posted by guru0509, Sun Jan-02-22 11:36 PM
I dunno, he's way better than Kukoc

I have a feeling he gets in* edit if he gets a ring.

otherwise its debateable

>I've floated this out there a couple times this year, but now
>feels like the right time to make a post about it.
>The resume isn't exceedingly special on paper:
>4x All-Star (will be 5x this year)
>2x All-NBA (would be shocked if not 3x this year)
>no ring
>But here's the crux of my argument: he's *already* a Top 70
>scorer in NBA HISTORY. Right today. He's averaged over 20
>points per game for his career (60th all-time in NBA PPG). I
>feel like that gets *significantly* slept on. He doesn't shoot
>3s... yet he's one of the best scorers of the modern era. It's
>really incredible to think about.
>He will end this season, if all continues the same, right
>around 50th in all-time NBA scoring, a 5x All-Star and a 3x
>All-NBA scorer. Currently at 50th? Bernard King. A 4x
>All-Star, 4x All-NBA scorer. Who's also a Hall of Famer.
>I think if DeRozan continues this year as he's done and has
>*one* more All-Star/All-NBA season? He's a stone cold lock for
>the Hall. He'll almost certainly finish his career Top 40 in
>points scored in NBA history. Even if the Bulls don't win it
>all with DeRozan on board, a 6xASG, 4xAll-NBA, Top 40 scorer
>of all time? It's really really hard to argue that's not a
>Hall of Famer. There aren't any players in the Top 40 in
>career points scored who aren't in or going to be in the Hall
>of Fame.
>And frankly, I think if he makes All-Star/All-NBA this year,
>he's already got an argument. 5xASG, 3xAll-NBA, Top ~50 scorer
>of all time? At bare minimum, he'll start being discussed as
>one of the great scorers in contemporary NBA history, and
>people will start talking about it more seriously.