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Topic subjectMaking a case for what?
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2754199, Making a case for what?
Posted by allStah, Sun Jan-02-22 06:36 PM
He is not retired. That is what makes it disrespectful and unnecessary.

And it’s a poll, allowing people to come in and say that he is not worthy.

No need to create a debate, poll or whatever while Derozan is doing
unbelievable things in NBA right now.

Let that man continue to cook and allow him to continue to enjoy his prime,
then when it is actually ALL SAID AND DONE this type of discussion can
be had.

You have this type of discussion when a person is up for the Hall or
close to ending his career. It’s the same with baseball. Once a player
Is out of his prime and he is winding down, that’s when those questions pop

Anything else is premature and creating unnecessary energy....