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Topic subjectWill DeMar DeRozan be a Hall of Famer?
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2754162, Will DeMar DeRozan be a Hall of Famer?
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
I've floated this out there a couple times this year, but now feels like the right time to make a post about it.

The resume isn't exceedingly special on paper:

4x All-Star (will be 5x this year)
2x All-NBA (would be shocked if not 3x this year)
no ring

But here's the crux of my argument: he's *already* a Top 70 scorer in NBA HISTORY. Right today. He's averaged over 20 points per game for his career (60th all-time in NBA PPG). I feel like that gets *significantly* slept on. He doesn't shoot 3s... yet he's one of the best scorers of the modern era. It's really incredible to think about.

He will end this season, if all continues the same, right around 50th in all-time NBA scoring, a 5x All-Star and a 3x All-NBA scorer. Currently at 50th? Bernard King. A 4x All-Star, 4x All-NBA scorer. Who's also a Hall of Famer.

I think if DeRozan continues this year as he's done and has *one* more All-Star/All-NBA season? He's a stone cold lock for the Hall. He'll almost certainly finish his career Top 40 in points scored in NBA history. Even if the Bulls don't win it all with DeRozan on board, a 6xASG, 4xAll-NBA, Top 40 scorer of all time? It's really really hard to argue that's not a Hall of Famer. There aren't any players in the Top 40 in career points scored who aren't in or going to be in the Hall of Fame.

And frankly, I think if he makes All-Star/All-NBA this year, he's already got an argument. 5xASG, 3xAll-NBA, Top ~50 scorer of all time? At bare minimum, he'll start being discussed as one of the great scorers in contemporary NBA history, and people will start talking about it more seriously.

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