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Topic subjectIt may be CTE or AB just might be an asshole....
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2754305, It may be CTE or AB just might be an asshole....
Posted by blueeclipse, Tue Jan-04-22 10:56 AM
Both are entirely possible and both are possible at the same time. AB has ALWAYS been a narcissist. This is the same conversation that people have about Kanye when they defend that asshole. He's a narcissist. These are all CLASSIC narcissistic behaviors. AB's issues go back way further than the Burfict hit. He was peacocking in that Steelers locker room long before that and disrespecting people left and right. Bottom line is he's gotta be held accountable for his actions either way. Make all the excuses you want but he's a grown ass man and CTE or not hopefully he gets help and isn't coddled or enabled to continue to act like a child.