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Topic subjectRE: Interesting that CTE isn't being discussed IRT AB
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2754304, RE: Interesting that CTE isn't being discussed IRT AB
Posted by Dr Claw, Tue Jan-04-22 10:06 AM
>Zooming in to AB, not nearly enough people ‘care about’
>that dude. He’s just stats for fantasy football until he’s
>not and a vessel to absorb hate from the meatheads who
>semi-secretly wish they could trade places with any of these
>players who have had decent careers and/or earnings. I was
>concerned about Brown when he was basically the best wr in the
>league and Pittsburgh wasn’t even trying to fix his
>contract. Mike Wallace was in Miami and then Sanders was in
>Denver. And Brown still caught hell getting his money up. That
>was when my disdain for Large Ben ramped up and I never really
>got over it. Now that he’s fat, old, and obviously
>reduced/terrible, he’s low hanging fruit. But I was down on
>him even when all people could talk about was ‘2 super
>And of course, these big media groups don’t want to reopen
>any discussions about how dangerous the NFL is and how many
>dudes leave the game with all sorts of mental issues.
>They’re leaning on anything intervening with the sound of
>their money machines.

and to add on: another reason why AB was protected on the vax matter was because of where he was playing. As long as AB was there to assist Boody, the golden goose, nothing was happening. now that AB has acted in a way that the NFL deems unacceptable, you see how things shift.