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Topic subjectInteresting that CTE isn't being discussed IRT AB
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2754301, Interesting that CTE isn't being discussed IRT AB
Posted by bentagain, Tue Jan-04-22 09:00 AM
Journalism has no integrity
There are a few different contexts that could be explored...outside of AB cray cray
I find it strange that CTE is never discussed when NFL players have off the field/behavioral/criminal issues
for example, a fake vaxx card is a felony...but the NFL protected AB in that instance by not releasing details
There's also the AHern context, where Brady benefits from what appears to be a HOF talent in a spiral to the bottom off the field
It's f'n weird IMO...to post a timeline of AB's transgressions...and not start with the Burfect hit
2016...things started going off the rails in 2018...?