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Topic subjectBuffalo needed the refs help to beat the Falcons
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2754167, Buffalo needed the refs help to beat the Falcons
Posted by Ray_Snill, Sun Jan-02-22 04:21 PM
>Falcons getting BUFFALO'D, which is good, because NE got
>essentially a bye week.

Allen missed Diggs on 3rd down and there was incidental contact so they get a fresh set of downs

-Matt gets leg swept by a defender, ruled a sack
-got hit in the head by a defender, no call
-slides in for a TD, which by rule he isn't down until he gets touched but ok they said he gave himself up so he's down where his knee hit on the 1 foot line, but he was blasted by the defender so there should have been a late hit called but no they hit Matt with a taunting call and back us up 15 yards all while ignoring maybe was jawing with dude cause he just BLASTED him.
-Allen gets a love tap by a defender, as he was throwing the ball, roughing called.
Buffalo gonna get the butts handed to them come playoffs