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Topic subjectNot tonight. Cincy’s defense played well and got them
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2753965, Not tonight. Cincy’s defense played well and got them
Posted by allStah, Fri Dec-31-21 06:53 PM
in several 3 and outs.

It was 3rd and ten! You take the down, easily. And they are already
backed up in your territory.

They Gave bama 2nd and 23, 2 extra downs?
Fuck and that....Any coach well tell you in that situation against
a top ten, you ride the momentum and your defense.

Open screen plays and slant routes will destroy that almost every time,
because the defense goes into dime and quarter packages.

3rd and ten, play tight, send pressure, which Bryce had trouble with
all night long. The next play...they stopped them which would have made
it 4th down.....but giving them an extra down focked that up.