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Topic subjecti'm sure you don't.
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2754107, i'm sure you don't.
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Sun Jan-02-22 12:16 AM
>Last game, Memphis ran through the lakers and beat them
>by 13 without Morant, and the lakers were fully loaded with
>Russell/AD and Lebron.
>I know Ja is the face of the franchise, but he took damn near
>shots and only had 2 assists. They barely beat the Lakers
>time without AD.

Good grief! Ja scored 41 points on 13-27 FG going 6-7 from 3 and 9-12 from the line + added 10 boards, took over the game in the 4th and outdueled LeBron down the stretch to win the game - the fuck you complaining about?

he also just went for 30 last night with 8 dimes + 6 boards on 12/18 FG going 3/3 from 3; 3rd straight game with 30 points, 4th straight W, Memphis is 4th in the West & 1st in their Division. Not sure what the problem is.

>Ja isn’t a facilitating PG, but on a team with some good
>scorers in Bane, Jackson and Brooks, and Slow Mo can get his
>own shot
>as well, a facilitator is needed more than a star scoring

LOL! Slo Mo is averaging 8 ppg on 43% FG - FOH! The others are decent young players, but he doesn't have any All-Star caliber teammates right now. Ja is a scoring PG, but he's also a talented passer (led the nation in assists, remember?), he's averaged 7+ APG for his career (higher than Steph and Dame) so he's fine. He does need to learn how to better balance getting his with getting his teammates more involved, but A) he is by far the best scoring option on the team, and B) he's 22 years old. Give him some time to develop + surround him with some more talent and he'll be set.