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Topic subjectDerozan is MVP! Right now!
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2754089, Derozan is MVP! Right now!
Posted by allStah, Sat Jan-01-22 09:46 PM
Fock that!

He is on some Jordan shit right now.

Props out to Coby for running the point. He does something that Ball
can’t do, and that is his ability to score from all over. So he is going
to be huge as a sixth man.

Give props to Lavine for probably his best defensive performance...
He clamped up Beal in the final minute.

Great game, both teams balled out.

Beal runs the point better than Spencer....and Kuzma was
a monster again...lolLakersloll...as well as KCP

We still got murdered in the paint, though. Gotta fix that shit soon.
We gave up 72 points in the paint!